Our Vision

Our vision is your vision. This page will evolve over time because we are listening to you. Out in the community, online, wherever we meet, we want to hear your ideas.

The Green Economy will provide more job growth than we’ve seen in decades, not to mention saving the planet and providing a future for our grandchildren.                      What are we waiting for?

We want you to vote online – not just for a candidate- but we want you to get to vote on the issues that matter to you.

It makes no sense that poor and working class families bear a heavy tax burden when large corporations get bailouts and tax loop holes. We will eliminate income tax for low earners and ensure that the rest pay their fair share.

Canada’s fresh water reserves belong to Canadians. Let’s make sure future generations inherit clean, safe water supplies, and that our water cannot be exploited or exported by corporate interests.

We need to modernize our social safety networks. By providing Guaranteed Livable Income, and the National Housing Strategy, we will stimulate the economy and allow all Canadians to live with dignity.

The many thousands of Canadians who now find themselves out of work are woefully unequipped to deal with our current crisis. Canadians need training in real life skills and emergency preparedness from an early age.


It it possible for us to honour our longstanding agreements with indigenous communities? Why are treaty rights and Native sovereignty thrown aside whenever they’re inconvenient? We must end this long history of shameful hypocrisy.